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Christmas Craziness

So Christmas is quickly approaching. Every year I really try hard to think of an applicable gift that I can make or use my creative talents to do. Usually it I photography driven. In fact every year previous to this one it has been something that I have photgraphed. But this year I discovered that I am slightly capable of doing other types of art. Here are some images of the magnets I made and the accompanying tin that they go in. Each one is different and each tim is personalized for the recipient.

They are made with 3/4in magnets, 3/4in glass pebbles, 3/4in paper circle cutter and silicon glue. All of which I purchased at Michael's.

It'd a pretty simple process....

1. Pick a magazine with a nice pattern.

pattern2. Cut out the circle


3. Glue the circle on the magnet


4. Glue the pebble on the now paper covered magnet. I found that it works best to put the glue on the pebble side. Be sure to push down hard and move it around a bit to get rid of the bubbles.


5. Let dry over night

I used a tin that was the same size as an Altoids tin that I got from Specialty I also modge podged the outside of it to make it more custom for the person I was giving it to.

The great thing about the tin is that it's better for the environment because I don't waste wrapping paper.

Merry Christmas!