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St. Louis SGC Conference

On Sunday I got back from St.Louis. The print ganging and I went there for a Print Conference galled "Southern Graphics Counsel" there were panels, and demos...discussions...networking. It was great. There was a panel that had two presses represented on it, there was a press there called "Little Friends of Printmaking" their biggest advice was to do what you do until someone notices, and if they don't, Make them notice. they seemed really interesting, and easy going...the other press that talked at the same time was called sonnenzimmer ...honestly i didn't like their look...and they didn't have a lot of applicable advice. but you might like their stuff...

I also went to a demo on this girl who does woodcuts with a drimmel...  she also prints it all by hand...because she prints things that are 8ft by 5ft. Her stuff was quite stunning

There were two things that got me really thinking and one of them was that we heard Swoon speak and she talked about these boats they made out of found items...she told this story about how she made the boats to the size that they'd fit under the bridges of the grand canal in Venice...and how they floated them through the grand was so whimsical and vagabond-esqe...made me wish i could embrace that kind of lifestyle and be fulfilled...but...i don't think it's made for me...although i really admire people who can do it. She also talked about her woodcuts,wheat pastes and how she gets her inspiration. She really said some things that made me start to think about what I really want to do with my career and how I want to work with a community of artists. She said things like "once you find a community of artists you work well together with, don't lose that, even if you move far away from people, you can still collab on things" and she talked about becoming part of the space, and knowing your community. She talked about how she makes art that isn't suppose to she puts up her woodcuts and then it becomes part of the environment when the weather gets to it...just interesting ideas...and she deals a lot with social justice in art, and portraits...a lot like a documentary photographer....also she's getting into architecture in haiti, which is really cool...She also did an installation piece in St.Louis just for the conference, so it was cool to see one of her pieces in St.Louis.


Swoon Close up

Another Close Up

There was a parade that night that we randomly got caught up in...with fire and stilts...and bicycle art....

Random Unsactioned Parade we were a part of

Crazy Parade

I also got to watch some people with a letterpress print a few posters, and even got to run the press myself! that was pretty cool.

Box of letterpress letters


Letterpress letters

Pretty cool. Want one. Don't know where I'd put it.
The last day we went to a show by Tom Huck he is such a talented woodcut printer. here are a few images i snapped of his work:

Tom Huck Close up

Tom Huck Close up

These pieces are at least 7ft x 3ft. He also had the blocks there so it was really neat to see how we cut the blocks and the lines he made. It really helped me understand how woodblocks work and what mine needed to look like in the end.
Anyway, St. Louis was a really good Southern Graphics Counsel Conference. I am glad I went, I got a lot of great advice about my printmaking and photography merging together. Eventually I will get some of my most recent work up on this blog so you guys can see what I"m up to. It's been a crazy March though. I'm impressed I've done 2 blogs in the midst of everything that's going on.
Anyway, continue working on stuff! Do what you love, and make people notice.