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Palm Springs Photo Festival

Palm Springs Well, just got back from a Photography Festival in Palm Springs. I met some really great people, and learned a lot.

I took a workshop with Frank Ockenfells III and he taught us all kinds of lighting tricks:

lighting with two walmart lights

again with the two lights

The photo, Model: Latti

me and Frank photo by: Robert

It was neat to work with Frank, and have him show us how he would work through a shot. He took this photo of us all crammed in this hotel room while he was working:

Photo by: Frank Ockenfels III

So, Frank had to leave early for a job that came up, but they let us take a class with Nels Israelson which was incredible. To be able to listen to Nels about his ideas of the future of photography, and hear him nerd out on the the inverse square law was more than i could ever have dreamed of. He gave me some pretty cool tips on how to really get into the industry if I want to, and showed some of his tips on how he shoots movie posters. I think the biggest thing I took from him was when he said he doesn't shoot people, he shoots characters and he reminded us to always look at our photo shoots as a story to be told, even if it's not a fictional story like a movie poster, it's still a story about a person, in front of your lens.

Anyway, here's some photos from that shoot:

Nels and model with one light

Nels and the headlamp photo

Studio he shot in for the conference

Some different shots he did

So, those are the two people I had sessions with. Other things I did included meeting people like Kyle Monk and Al De Perez who were two people in my group with Frank Ockenfels III. My tip for you is, if you ever have a chance to go to any kind of conference that is in a subject that you love, do it. You make great contacts, and great friends.

Aside from the conference, I ran into a friend of mine, whom I hadn't seen in probably 4 years. But we hung out for the night and ran into this random guy who had an organ in his RV. He played his organ for us, and he was phenominal.

Robert: the man with the organ

Well, thanks for reading...I have a lot to figure out as far as my photography goes. So keep an eye out for updates and maybe some direction in my life ;)