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Well, I'm not sure if I told the web community. But I recently started grad school at University of Tulsa. I am working on my MFA in Art with an emphasis in Printmaking and Photography. I am taking 9 hours, 19th Century European Art History, Lithography, and Photography. It's been pretty great. For my Photography class I have decided to pick something that I've never done before. My inspiration comes from a few different places, one being this person who took old photos of Germany and went back to those places to take a new photo of the same place, same angle, same lens and putting the two together. The other is from an ad campaign that The History Channel did campaign with the tag line "Know where you stand." The campaign showed famous people such as Hitler in tourist attraction areas.

Anyway, so I am finding photos taken of Route 66 in the 40's and 50's in Tulsa, OK. Currently I have 12 photos that I am working on finding the locations and retaking the photos. The 12 photos I found were  courtesy of the Beryl Ford Collection/Rotary Club of Tulsa, Tulsa City-County Library and Tulsa Historical Society.

I have a few done. Here I will show one that I'm pretty happy with. I don't plan on showing the actual finished composite until my show at a later date. I will keep you guys up to date though. Don't worry.

Saratoga Hotel 1950 and 2010

Anyway, when this is all said and done, the black and white one will be on top of the color one, showing parts of the then and now. I'll keep on updating as I make progress.



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