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Rt. 66 Project Status: Turned in.

Well, it's that time of year. Finals week. Stress is in the air, and people are frantically running about hoping to get that last bit of work done before they have to turn everything in. The great thing about this University is we have a black week....I've never gone to a university that did that before, so we'll see if I get anymore done than usual. Anyway, I turned in my Rt. 66 project, and hung it up in my studio. I also did a transfer technique to put the type directly on the wall. I will blog a how-to about it in awhile.

Also, there will be a gallery show with my photos and another grad students photos in the Spring sometime. I'll keep you posted, but be sure to come by and see the photos in real life.

This is the full set.


First Photo and Text I transfered to the wall

How the Text looks on the wall

Anyway, that's it. If you're in Tulsa, I'll have it hung in my studio for awhile, just give me a call.