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New Goals, plus one

So, I've really been thinking about what photography projects I want to do this semester. And with my printmaking degree in full swing, it is becoming difficult to think about lots of projects at one time. But, I have really been considering food photography for awhile, and checking out all sorts of food blogs such as and The problem is, I don't really cook, and on top of that, I don't have time to cook extravegant things. So, in an effort to at least practice, I'm going to try and shoot the food I eat on a regular basis. Which, in my head, includes everything from snacks to meals. So, here is my first dinner..last night....

Dinner: Chicken and Peas.

Also, some people have expressed want to see my humble abode in I actually cleaned my room yesterday....and shot some pictures of where I am living here in Tulsa...(just my room really....I do live in an apartment, but I didn't feel like cleaning the _whole_ apartment...just my room...)'s that. And yes. these are shot with my 14mm f/2.8:

Room from the doorway

Room from closet

Room from desk

So, there you have it. That's kind of what I'm up to. Hopefully, I will get some pictures of the prints I did last semester so I can upload them here to this community....also, I'm going to the Palm Springs Photo Festival in March, and I'm hoping to enter the slideshow contest, so if you have ideas on what I should shoot for that, go ahead and leave a comment.

Thanks for reading, Natalie