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Group Show at Club 209, plus one

Hello all, I just wanted to tell you guys about a few things, I'm in a group show at "Club 209" on Brady St. and Boulder St. They're open Thursday-Sunday. If you wanted to go by, there's a bunch of work in there from all of us in the print classes. There are prints that rang from screen printing to lithography and mono-types... anyway, here are some pictures of what the show looks like.

From Left to right: My work, Michelle Martin is the middle and the top right, John Bryant bottom right

Club 209: Our work is on the left and right walls

One of the walls....

Another wall...

The club had board games and can see some of our work behind their heads.

It was an exciting show to hang, and a great little venue....but if you have time, drop on by, or give me a call and I'll take you over there.

Plus One..... Also, I would like to thank TOMS Shoes for uploading my photos to their facebook site. That's a pretty exciting thing, and an incredible gesture.

My photos on TOMS Shoes facebook page.

If you want to see in on the site itself....this link might work, I'm not sure. But if you don't "like" TOMS on facebook, you won't be able to see the photos until you do. Just FYI.

Anyway, that's about it. The show went well, I sold that bottom print; "The Queen" so that's good news. :)

Thanks for reading. See you soon.