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Finding a place for a loved one to live their last days should be simple. Porta Caeli wants to help you find a place where family can gather and enjoy each other in a difficult time.


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1. Finding a place for a loved one can be exhausting and mentally straining.
2. Hospital stays are expensive.
3. Knowing the quality the quality of care can be unclear.
4. When searching for a place most of the time a phone number is difficult to locate.
5. It can difficult emotionally to let go of being a caretaker and let someone else take care of things.


Finding a place for a loved one is difficult and the process of letting go can be mentally exhausting. The user already has a long to-do list and finding housing should be easy to figure out if the website is clear and concise. People have pretty similar questions on arrival to the site. Most users asked said they spent an average of 6-8 hours looking for a suitable choice for their loved one.


1. Create a homepage with big photos for easy understanding of the location.
2. Make it clear that staying at Porta Caeli is free!
3. Have a clear phone number, email address and physical address for easy, quick access.
4. Make an extensive but easy to understand FAQ section.



My team made some general assumptions about hospices and end of life care facilities:
1. People want to know how much things will cost right away.
2. Families want to know how many medical staff members there are.
3. Patients and families want to know if their doctors orders will be followed
4. This time is difficult and finding information should not be difficult.
Finding a place for a family member for hospice is both physically and emotionally draining. The person trying to find a location for their loved one needs to be given permission that this kind of thing is good for both parties and that the family member isn't alone in this process. Other users need to be able to find information quickly about their needs as well, even if they are coming to the website for a job, donations or press information.


User REsearch

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User Personas


medical field professional

I have patients in my care often that need a place to go for hospice. I need to be able to easily search a website to find quick information for my patient. Things such as phone number, email address, location and price are top priorities in my search.

There are so many websites out there that give help to hospice patients that do not have their phone number, email address or physical location easily accessible. I also am short on time since I have other duties besides helping patients find a place for hospice. 



I want to participate in my community and assist with people who are in need of companionship. I would like to find a local organization to give my time to. I am also interested in how to donate money or items the home is in need of. 

I would like the process of finding a place to be simple. I would also like to have some of my pressing questions answered before I call or email the location. Seeing a list of needs or a list of items they are in need of will help me find my volunteer oppurtunity. 


family member

I would like to find a place for my family member to have a quiet place to pass. I would like a place that the whole family can come and visit my family member. It would also be nice to have a location for the family to get together for a meal without having to go out to eat during this time.

It is difficult for me to feel comfortable choosing a location for my loved one to pass but I am emotionally drained and physically exhausted. I need someone who can take care of my loved ones needs while I deal with the emotional needs of myself and my family during this difficult time. 


paid caregiver

I have been a caregiver for a long time but need a slower paced work environment. I enjoy my job and would like to keep caring for the elderly. I would like to be a part of a family that is helping the community but I cannot afford to give my services for free.

Since I have been in the industry awhile I know how hard it can be to find a good, reliable caregiver. Although, I would like some information about the job before I apply. Going to some hospice or caregiving organization websites can be very unhelpful. A large majority of sites do not offer any explanation of jobs or careers at the location. I would like it to be easier to find information to my questions before I apply.

Competitive Analysis Highlights

Finding a place for a loved one to live out their last days can be difficult. After some user surveys it was decided that Integris, Clarehouse, and Seasons Hospice are the top three options in the area. There are a few things that each one does differently. They each have their own strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. The biggest thing that Porta Caeli House has that is different is that the House is free to anyone.  

See full Competitive Analysis

User Flows & stories

Having user flows and user stories is an important part of any website redesign. There are many different types of users that will be visiting this webpage. We tried to stick to our main user but there are a few things we want to address for each type of user listed in the user personas. The user stories will help design the wireframes and eventually the final webpages. 

See full user flow and user stories

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After talking over the user stories and flows with my team I started the sketching process and lo-fi wireframes.


Open card sort

We decided to do an open card sort for the menu items and found some very interesting information, such as a lot of people would rather go straight to the FAQ page than have a lot of info on the homepage.




Working with a client that has board members that need to approve every step of the process was eye-opening. I think Porta Caeli House has an interesting solution for a complicated, stressful situation. It took several meetings to understand exactly what the clients requests were but after some visuals of what we wanted to do for Porta Caeli House things started coming together. 

Porta Caeli House is a brand new building. The house has a lot to offer the community of Tulsa, Oklahoma. A large portion of Tulsa and the surrounding area would benefit from the free housing. There really is no reason to not get involved with Porta Caeli House if you have a loved one in their last days of life.


Lessons learned
I learned a lot with this project for a lot of reasons. One reason is working with a board for a non-profit was an interesting and complicated. This slowed down the approval process and made our team realize when working with a non-profit board we should add a few weeks to the timeline. 

Another takeaway was that sometimes the client doesn’t listen to user research. After recommending a certain menu structure because of the open card sort exercise it was difficult to convince the client the menu structure was chosen because users actually recommended the order. After some conversation we all agreed on the menu. So, my take away from that was to let the client think on information provided to them before making a final decision.