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Klock Werks: Get Klocked


A custom motorcycle company specializing in windshields that bring the air up and around you, instead of right into your face.


Design Roles

UX Design
Visual Design
Brand Consistency

Design Deliverables

User Surveys
User Interviews
User Stories & Flows
Paper Prototype
User Testing
Visual Design


8 weeks

Tools & Software
Adobe Illustrator

What is Klock werks?

Klock Werks took a leap from garage builders to a nationally and internationally recognized innovator of power-sports products after winning the 2006 Discovery Channel Biker Build Off with the “World’s Fastest Bagger.” The Flare™ Windshield, a product that has revolutionized the air management industry, was born on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The challenge

Klock Werks goes to many motorcycle shows a year. They sell motorcycle parts in parking lots all over the nation, with hand-written receipts, invoices, and sales statements. Also, when out at a show, the employees cannot see a live inventory. When selling a windshield to a customer they have to measure the rider from their hips to their nose to fit someone for a windshield. This takes too much time and could be more efficient.

The solution

I wanted to create an app that incorporated inventory, point-of-sale and windshield measurement in one area for a employee portal. After that launches, it would be great to incorporate the windshield measurement for customers to use at home to fit themselves for a windshield.

Discover Phase

User Interviews

We needed to make sure that w understood how crop consultants (salesmen) and growers were going to interact with the app. As such, a few of the questions we asked in the interviews were:

  • When out at a show do you want to be able to use my phone or iPad to make a sale

  • When finishing a sale do you want to be able to scan the barcode to create a receipt

  • When making a sale at a show, do you want to be able to see the warehouse inventory to ship a sold out item to the buyers home.

We interviewed 12 different users from different parts of the United States.


strongly wanted to make a sale with a mobile device.


strongly wanted to be able to see warehouse inventory while at a show.


strongly wanted to send scan a barcode when finishing a sale to create a receipt.

Working a show can be tiring, having something that can make my job a little easier would be fantastic!”

Gene | Salesman

Age: 45-65
Occupation: Low-tech
Location: Mid-sized city
Gender: Male
Tier: Intermediate


  1. Wants to be able to get a buyer through a sale quickly

  2. Wants assistants fitting a buyer for a windshield through a digital device

  3. Is eager to get the buyer on the road with the new windshield


  1. Doesn’t want to enter credit card numbers in by hand

  2. Wants to have a good understanding of what is on hand at the show

  3. Fitting someone for a windshield can take a lot of time.

Competitive Analysis


Pricing of Product

Online Marketing Strategy
They push a lot out to the public through social media and how-to videos on youtube

Competitive Advantage
They only sell windshields

Memphis is a very loyal town, and being family owned makes for a very good story in the press.

Their social media presence could be better. Interacting with your users can be invaluable


Pricing of Product

Online Marketing Strategy
They use their social media to interact with their public. They don’t push ads to social media as much as just memes and other funny biker humor. They do make a few very helpful how-to videos that look very professional

Competitive Advantage
They are engaged with their audience

They seem to have a good understanding of their audience and enjoy working in the community

Their website is rough. It really needs some help design wise.


Pricing of Product
$15-$800 (excluding bikes)

Online Marketing Strategy
arley does what most giant corps do with their social media. They push things out and respond to comments in a marketing speak. They don’t try to make relationships with their users as much as sell them stuff.

Competitive Advantage
They are a giant company.

They are very big and can throw money at just about anything

Being so big, people might not want to buy little things from them, knowing they can get a better deal elsewhere.


User Flows and User Stories

When starting the project it was important to come up with the most important user stories to address for the most viable product (MVP). I made a spreadsheet with all of the user stories and then put them in order of importance to help define the scope of the project.

As an employee I want to be able to enter credit card numbers through an app or scan.
As an employee I want to be able to fit someone for a windshield through an A/R app.
As an employeeI want to be able to see the inventory at the show.
As an employeeI want to be able to see the inventory at home.
As an employeeI want to be able to email our buyer a receipt.
As an employeeI want to be able to keep track of the buyers data for future use.

Lo Fi Mockups

Hi Fi Mockups

Preference Testing

I did some preference testing to figure out what designs worked best for the employee app, here is one of the examples:

100 percent of 12 people preferred the design on the left, over the design on the right.

User Testing

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I learned a lot working on this project. Trying to make an app for a handful employees can be difficult because it’s such a small group to get feedback from. The thing I liked the most about this project was getting to work with a small company and possibly making their lives a little bit easier with a simple barcode reader but also adding a big piece of tech like Augmented Reality (AR). I hope to finish out this project with a developer so that the crew over at Klock Werks can receive a working app for their iPhones and Androids.